There is nothing in this world as therapeutic as traveling.  We meet new people, busk in excellent health and gain experience that you will not have done.

Various benefits of traveling are given below.

1. First hand Experience

People exaggerate when they talk about places they have gone.   Depending on the attitude of the traveler, the exaggeration may be positive or negative.   Visiting the place by yourself helps you to not only build memories but experience the world as is without living through  other people’s eyes.

2. Improves Social and Communication Skills

Traveling ensures that you meet different people.   People are by nature social in nature and the desire to know others will lead to social calls.   This could be through curiosity to know the local people or you may meet a fellow traveler whom you share the same interest with.

3. Give Yourself Time

Taking time away is the best way to get to know yourself.  As we get older, we get a lot more responsibilities and thus we end up paying more attention to other people than ourselves.   It is good to be selfish with your time once in a while to take care of yourself.

4. Travel Sharpens the Mind

While traveling to new places, you get to do new things, all unfamiliar to you, like reading foreign languages, trying new things, making quick decisions, and altering your new eating and sleeping schedules.

5. A positive Shift in Perspective

“ Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustav Flaubert.

After a journey, we always return home with a different perspective.   Spending time with new people and cultures will change your perspective to a better one.

You’ll have renewed energy, a new set of mental filters that are ready to take on the next big project or challenge.


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