Planning a trip is hard, especially in this economy.   But not impossible.  You don’t need to be stinking rich to achieve it.  All it takes is some patience and an ability to be disciplined.  Just follow the simple steps below and you are good to go.

  • How much do you need for the trip?

First of all, you need to compile the budget and then assess the feasibility.   How realistic is the plan?  Are you dreams too big?   Make sure that the  budget  set is realistic and is one you can adhere to without compromising on the important stuff such as the basic needs.

  • Set up  goals

Goals help us get a clear view of what we want and offers a guiding point.   Have both long term and short term goals.   Make them as clear as possible.

  • Work out a plan

How do you wish to achieve your goals? Does it mean you will be holding down two jobs?  Walk to and from work to save on bus fare?   Do you need to reduce your expenditure?  Whatever you plan, you need to highlight it clearly and make a note to self to follow it.

  • Assess your spending habits.

Sometimes we unknowingly go above our spending limits.  The best way to determine your habits is to decide whether you need something or you want it.  Example, an occasional bottle of wine is fine but drinking everyday becomes a luxury.   You can let someone else get the cheque,  eat in instead of ordering chinese or eating at a restaurant.

  • Remind yourself why you are doing this

There are times when you will lose track of your vision and you will want to give up but keeping in mind why you have decided to choose this path will keep you going.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to deny yourself every imaginable pleasure.  Once in  a while, treat yourself.  Occasionally indulge yourself.  But not too much, after all, you shouldn’t be miserable just for a few months of happiness.   Cheers!!!!



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