Crabs are delicious.  Spiders are creepy.  Imagine the spider legs on a crab’s body.   As a result,  you get the Japanese Spider Crab.   You can find them in Japan.  They  grow up to 12 ft in size and eat just about anything.


We love turtles.   We cannot not post photos of the cuties all the time.  Little do we know that there is another type of turtle on  earth. This South American Turtle is covered in warts and ridges.  It is mostly suited for muddy waters.   Moreover, it grows to an impressive 1.5 feet.  Furthermore, it can weigh as much as 38 pounds. It is a carnivore and feed mainly  on vertebrae and small fish.

The nose is a defining features of attractiveness.   Found in South Asia, this herbivore boasts the distinctive feature of a large nose.   The monkey with the larger nose attracts more mates than those with smaller noses.

No doubt you will be mesmerized by this creature.  Imagine being able to see the little guy’s heart pumping!  You can  see its heart beating as well as the digestion process.

In African traditions,   when you find  a praying mantis in your house, you are definitely going to have visitors.   It is a wonder what they will say about the mantis shrimp. These crustaceans grow to an average length of 10 cm although some grow to 38cm.   They boast beautiful colours. Moreover, their vision is superb.






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