If you are planning to travel and you decide on a tour company, there are factors that you need to focus on.


There are many travel agencies online.  Before you spent your money on thoses travel agencies, you need to do your research.  If you have friends, family or workmates who travel a lot then you can use them as a reference.


There are certain qualities that make an operator different from others.


The whole purpose of traveling is to learn something new.  Good travel agencies normally have  experienced tour guides who have great knowledge about animals and the location you are in.


You have paid your hard earned money to these agency and you do not want a tour guide who keeps stopping and asking for directions.  An experienced tour guide will know how to deal with emergencies in the wild.   They also know how to quel your anger when things don’t go as expected.


The agency need to provide someone easy on the eyes.  Someone whom you can talk to.  The trip should not feel like you are spending time with your school principle.


If the tour is to start at 6 am, then the tour guide should be there before 6.   Nothing says professional than a person who can keep their time.   When visiting the wild, there are hours that you will be able to get a glimpse of certain animals and a tour guide who is late can cost you an amazing time.


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