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With the invention of new technology, we can do anything by ourselves.  We can book our flights, reserve hotel rooms from our phones and computers.  This has eliminated the middle man that is, the travel agent from the picture.   But have you taken time to consider just how useful the travel agent can be? Here are the best reasons that may help you reconsider the use of travel agents.

Get Discounts

Travel Agencies have contract rates with most hotels.  This means that they seldom charge you extra to book your room.  They also have access to discounts that you may not.  This means that you may actually travel at a lower cost than you anticipated.

Refer you to places based on your budget.

There are times when we have deliberated cancelling our vacation because we didn’t think the budget would sustain us as planned. This is where my travel agent Britex Air Tour and Travel Services come in handy.  She would always assure me that we could make work what we had.  We could do two days instead of three on one occasion, or do a road trip on another.  That sounds just great.

Get a free quote.

Travel agencies do not charge for any quotations done for clients. All that is desired from you is to give your budget and the destination that you wish to go to and voila! You get your packaged tour.

Full-Time Support

In as much as we expect everything to be perfect on our trip, things are not as simple as that.  We may get robbed in a new continent.  We may become sick.  The best person to call is your travel agent.  Most travel agents have connections in that particular country that they took you to.  They will ensure that you have access to medication or facilitate your trip so that you don’t have to cut your trip short.


Travel Agents spent their time booking for different people trips to different destinations.  Consulting with one will ensure that you get the best advice on where to travel and at what time of the year.  Wouldn’t it be a pity if you were to book a trip only to find yourself crammed indoors because it wouldn’t stop raining? Yes, it would.


Planning a trip is very stressful.  Many people can attest to this.  You have to spend time doing research.  How much does this trip cost? Which is the best hotel that is cheap but yet impressionable?  I’m a vegetarian, which hotel caters for that?  It is frustrating.  That is why it is best to leave that to the person who knows how to; the travel agent.

Next time you want to travel, do so using a travel agency.   I promise that you won’t regret it.


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